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We would like to inform you that the Kapa Haka course as well as the Kapa Haka concerts will be postponed to next year.  Information will follow in due course. 



Wairua underlies all that is existent.
It is pure energy and the endless stream of the tides, it is the summit, the depth and all dimensions.
Wairua is the darkness, the concealed and, at the same time, life’s explosion into light. It is fertilization and growth, the state of being deep-rooted as well as the breaking open of the semen bringing forth the first sprout.
With that Wairua is the basis of awareness, of the intellect and of the intention. Wairua is the breath of life and of the universe.

O te wairua whare wananga

In the tradition of the Maori the spiritual inheritance of the people was passed on personally by Tohungas.
“Wairua” is what constitutes spirituality in its innermost part. “Whare wananga” can be translated as university or school for higher knowledge.

The structure of the school

The traditional knowledge of the Maori around Wairua is very powerful. To be able to deliver it in a secure form, a traditional structure is maintained. It is upholded by people, in whose lives Wairua has established itself as an organising element.

The old path

Modern transfer of knowledge largly adresses the intellect. Intuition and instinct often are not paid enough attention.
Our approach is different. It resembles the old path. Its basis is the connection to Wairua, the carrier of life, the basis of all with its quality to selforganisation and selfexplanation.
With the animation of Wairua the immediate access to knowledge is strengthened. From this intuition, inner viewing, clarity about energetic connections, mobilization of idle inner qualities, healing and spiritual growth can develop in individually suitable form.
On that basis the necessary intellectual knowledge can be transferred efficiently.

Treatment and healing

Feeling and percieving is existent in different form in every human. An important tool are the hands. From this the treatment in its original form results.
It is our intention, to reinforce these qualities and to uncover the natural capability of healing. We do not know beforehand how far a student will get. But we are convinced, that we provide the best for it: a pathless path, knowledge without knowledge, a direct connection to what holds the world together in its innermost part.